Value Added Services – Transport Wrap

TRANSPORT WRAP will provide your vehicle with a temporary layer of protection to preserve your exterior finish and may be used during transport or assembly. Whether you are transporting open/enclosed or performing custom fabrication, Transport wrap can provide protection from unnecessary contact with fluids/chemicals, road debris, zippers, utility belts, and more.

Transport Protective Wrap

When transporting your car or truck protect it just like the car manufacturers when leaving their assembly plants. You’ve seen Transport Trucks and Train Cars loaded with brand new cars and trucks covered with the white protection film for temporary paint protection. Protect your vehicle too, when transporting anytime. No matter what option you choose, whether your car is shipped in an open or closed trailer, there is a high likely hood that at some part during the trip your car will be stowed below the second level of cars.

Protects Against:

Oil, Transmission Fluid, Power-Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, and even Battery Acid can all drip from the undercarriage of the vehicle up top. All of these fluids are known to dissolve the paint on your car. This will leave you with costly body shop repairs and endless headaches with insurance claims. While many clients have been promised a top level spot, this isn’t always the end result as cars are removed and added along the way. Even if you do get a top spot there’s always “Fallout” to be concerned about! Protective vehicle wrap solves all of these concerns safely and cost effectively.


Soft Tie System

Vehicles are secured on the car transport trailer with specially designed wheel straps, also called soft ties. Wheel straps wrap around each tire to fasten the vehicle to the truck securely. As a result of rigorous quality testing, new car manufacturers now require trucks to use straps instead of chains. Using wheel straps minimizes incorrect tie-downs, uses the vehicle’s own suspension to absorb bumps and sways, and prevents hidden damage that chains can cause to a vehicle’s undercarriage.

Car hauler trucks are either open or enclosed. The majority of trucks are open car haulers, with two levels of hydraulic ramps in an open chassis frame. Enclosed trucks have either rigid or soft sides that fully protect the vehicles inside. Enclosed truck transport is generally more expensive than open transport because enclosed trucks carry less.